OH my goodness you guys. This is the most images I'll have delivered to a client! Simply because I just COULDN'T DECIDE, they had SO many good ones!! *a million heart eyes!* I was so excited when Stacey mentioned her grandparents have this awesome old vintage car (that totally works!) & that she wanted to have a 50's theme to part of their session! I loved the idea of having a session near their home, it makes these images and these memories so much more special. I had such a great time capturing this special time in their lives, and it was only fitting that Mason would join in for some family shots as well! And dang, do they look sharp! Stacey & Jeffrey, it was an HONOR to come experience a little bit of your lives and capture such beautiful images. I can't wait to photograph your wedding day!!

Love this!! :D

After our awesome 50's themed shoot, we headed down the hill to a nearby field for some beautiful romantic shots!


Ahhh soo good! :D Thank you SO much Stacey & Jeffrey, I can't wait until your big day!!

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