First thing's first - introducing the new Kendra Marie Photography launch & branding!! New branding makes my heart happy. Especially this one, since it's my own personal brand! :D Natalie from Vera in August was awesome - she just GOT my ideas & aesthetic. Seriously the easiest design process! And I had such a great time designing my new website; if you didn't know, I'm very passionate about web design (I actually designed this website, & am in the process of designing this one for one of the largest wedding venues in Lancaster! - if you're looking for some web design help, contact me!)! I really love this new aesthetic, and I'm SO excited to have a brand that feels so much like who I am. It simply is just an extension of my design style - if you were to visit my house, you'd agree hah! So in love. Thank you for your hard work, Natalie!! & All in all, I had just so much fun putting this new online presence of my work together!

Kendra Marie Photography Designs_Alternate Logo.png

So! Now that I'm moving forward with a newly defined aesthetic, I figured the perfect first blog post should be of a recent trip I made with my husband to Florence, Italy! Mike & I were so lucky to be able to visit Firenze this past October! It was a blessing to go back to the place where I have so many fond memories; I studied in Italy for over a month in 2012. Getting to spend nights walking around the city where I fell in love with Mike (when I lived there, it was during our second month of dating - distance really does makes the heart grow fonder people!) was spectacular, and felt like we were coming full circle to a beautiful story.

I'll be sharing some of my favorite photos from our trip in a couple blog posts! & The first up is a street gallery; we spent so much time just wandering the streets while we were there! So much so that by the middle of the trip we no longer needed a map. We knew the city so well, we just wandered the streets to our favorite places, getting to explore & see all of the sights along on the way. Around every single turn there was new architecture and beautiful decay just begging to be immortalized by a camera. So I did my best to capture the incredible beauty that I saw!

There are no words to even express how much beauty is in this city, & my eyes can comprehend so much more than words could ever express, so here's the beginnings of my attempt at a visual novel about the ethereal enchantment of Florence.


Literally can't even express how full my heart is looking at these photos all together like this! :D Stay tuned for some more galleries, including another street gallery & photos from our trip out into the Tuscan countryside!

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