I grew up in rural Pennsylvania, on the same 4 acres of beautiful land for 20 years. In the summertime, we would camp out in the back corner of our property by the woods, make campfires, spend time night swimming & staring at the stars. There, you could look up and see such BEAUTIFUL expanses of sky, stars & constellations! I was always fascinated with Greek mythology, and would often try and find the matching constellations in the heavens.

Therefore, when my love of photography blossomed in 7th grade, I soon became enchanted at the beautiful astro photographs that I saw in magazines & books which were able to capture the beautiful sky above. I tried over the years to do my own astrophotography, but with my equipment & as I moved away from home, it became less & less easy for me to be successful with my astro photographs.

But in the past months, I've made a conscious decision to spend time doing things that make me happy! :D Life's too short, people! A lot of my happiness comes with creativity, as I'm a visual person, so I decided to take on astrophotography! With the purchase of a remote trigger & my new Canon 5D Mark III, and the use of my manfrotto tripod, I set up on the top porch of our family's rented home in Sunset Beach, North Carolina and started snapping away! With a light warm breeze, peaceful sounds of the ocean while staring up at the night sky, it was truly a night of pure bliss.

I've never successfully gotten photographs of the milky way, so I'm SO excited to share my very first "official" astrophotography session! I can't wait for my next nighttime outing!!

My favorite photograph is below on the left - oh my goodness! I love all of the lights coming off of the houses that sit on the canal...oh and the smoothness of the water that looks like silk! Ahh!

Let these next two images be a learning lesson to ALWAYS keep on trying, people, even when things aren't going great - the below photograph on the left is the very first image I took during this session, and the right photograph is what I ended up with during the SAME session! I was able to get there just by looking at what I got, adjusting, failing again, adjusting, & keeping on until I got it right!

I truly appreciate you visiting my website and blog, & sharing in my journeys as I continue on this awesome path of life, pursuing my dreams with photography. Thanks for sticking around, friend!! :D Come tag along on my instagram & facebook, too!!