So I've been really interested in more of editorial/commercial photography recently! My love of photography stems from beginnings in travel photography, where I just ADORED taking pictures of ALL THE places & things, so product/editorial photographs are right up my alley! :D

Ever since we bought our house, I decided I would make this place our dream house - I vowed to design the heck out of it and have it truly reflect our style! I painted almost all of the rooms white, and Home Goods became the place you could always find me ;) And because of that, I absolutely adore taking photographs of my house and they're always "on brand" with who I am and what I want my photography to look like! Which is so much fun :)

White, bright light & minimalistic design, rich colors with contrast, and highlighting the true beautiful essence of my subject - ugh I'm going to melt! Loving how these came out!

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