It's getting warm in rural Pennsylvania, hallelujah! So Ted & I have been going out to explore the yard & our neighborhood. Since we just moved into our house this past August, I had no idea what kind of flowers to expect this Spring! Luckily, we have a TON of blooming trees and plants, which I'm thrilled about! We have a beautiful HUGE dark maple tree, ivy with purple flowers, a beautiful pink flowering tree, some small purple bulbs, a huge rhododendron, and that's just in our front yard! Not having to do any work to have our place look super festive for spring? Heck yes! The less work, the better ;) 

So the flowering tree/bush (I don't even know which it is!) featured in these photos is my's in our backyard! Though I have no idea what it is! If anyone happens to know what kind of flower/tree this is, pleeease comment & let me know! I'm dying to find out!

Totally including this picture of the Tedster below (left), from earlier in the day when we were visiting at my parents house! He's just too cute, look at that smile :D

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